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Top 5 Makeup Trends in 2019

Makeup is all about the individual choice and this year, even the trends agree! Neither the experts nor the trendsetters are ready to define any particular style that’s got to be big on their radar but hints at just a few guidelines on – ‘you do you’. Here are the top 5 makeup trends in 2019.

Bold Colours 

2019’s red carpets so far had a fair share of power-packed makeup looks that went to town with colours. Celebrities and social influencers are putting no stops to bring out their individuality through a vibrant medley of hues straight from the classic red pout to neon brights. While there is a red lipstick to suit every skin tone and makeup queens take that seriously, it is the eyes that take the prize this season.

As the neutral palettes are being ushered out, pops of colour take place everywhere from the lids to the lashes. Blue and green eyeliners are quite popular, with a hint of glimmer; so is non-black mascara and vivid eyeshadows like dusty red and mint green. It’s not all about the deep hues either – pastel pinks and blues make it to the charts with glittery accents too. ‘Messy-but-cool’ is the overall theme we stan this year. 


Be it smooth pastels or glowing golds, monochrome makeup look is in and its love! Think Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s showstopping first-look on the Cannes red carpet – those golden accents on the ears and eyes aren’t easy to catch but oh! when you do – brilliant! The goal is neutral glam with a fresh and young vibe – warm to soft finishes and colours are staples for this look.

The trend is all about using the same colour all over but in different hues and shades. Say, for example – pinks are a big favourite and a monochrome look in that colour could use soft baby pink on the eyes, rose gold on the lips, and a sorbet blush. Another colour that works well for the Indian skin tone is peach that inches towards brown – perfect for matte minimalistic bridal looks too. 

Enhanced Natural Glow

It’s all about embracing your natural beauty this year – from the ramps to the red carpets, trend watchers have been busy reporting about the fresh-faced glow and tinted lips. The world is more acceptive of individuality, now more than ever, and it is only natural that makeup heads towards more comfort that creativity. But it isn’t a no-makeup nude trend either – more like yes-makeup but just enough to enhance what’s already there.

Fine shimmers and highlighters with cooler undertones are a must for the look, while experts also recommend stocking up products that multi-task, such as tinted moisturisers and lip balms. With the ‘skin-first makeup-second’ approach gaining popularity, it also important to care about what’s in your products. Sheer coverage with a natural radiance is the ultimate inspiration for this trend.

Graphic Eyes 

All black or pastel pencils – the eyes take the prize for being bolder than ever with a little bit of personality to boot. The classic winged liners get new (and longer) life – as seen on international stars like Deepika Padukone and Bella Hadid. There are even fans for the reverse cat-eye plus the lines are not always black – or even brown; it’s a pastel revolution with cool blues and emerald greens taking over. Even silvers and white for the inner corners are a thing these days. Eyeshadows are also being elongated to add more of that sultry look – almost badass on the red carpet but for a wedding, the same can be moulded into retro diva-like eye makeup. 

Wow Brows

Not drawn on and no drama – or maybe, just a bit of drama. The point is to brush up the brows and leave it naturally wow! The shape can be refined and defined, but again, no concealing around the brows. In short, maintain your natural eyebrow and you wouldn’t need to do a lot. 

Remember, this year, the trends are all about – ‘Do what’s good for you’!