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Top 5 Summer Hair Trends in 2019

Effortless chic – 2019 hair trends have got a strict keyword to follow, but it’s all good – lot’s of room for experimentation and a ton of inspiration from the past – especially, the 60s and 70s. Here are some of the hair trends that have trickled down from the ramps and editorial shoots to take over the everyday girls’ fashion interpretations:

Blunt Bob

The blunt bob is back and how! The global hair trend is to cut it anywhere between the ears and the nape of the neck – and keep it in one-length. The clean finish adds volume to thin hair and if done right, can do wonders to your bone structure too. If sleek and straight is high maintenance for you, go for tousled waves – a bit of colour can be great too.

Don’t think the blunt bob is only for a sharp jawline – a talented hairdresser can style it to suit any face shape by playing with the length or fringes. If you are going from long to short, make sure you have the best available professional advice to guide you through the transformation.

Hair Accessories

It’s the perfect school-girl chic fantasy come true – 2019 is bringing back the hair accessories at full strength. Apparently, it started with a comeback of the humble scrunchie – 90s kids would remember these cloth hairbands used to secure ponytails and braids. The international ramps are filled with dazzling barrettes, pearl hairpins, oversized bows, headbands, and more catching the extra feminine fancy. And, then came the $400 Gucci hair clip – a trend was born.

Back to the ground – it’s easy to take full advantage of this 2019 hair trend. Splurge on hairclips, hairpins, ribbons, bows, scarves, butterfly clips, combs, bobby pins and more to suit your individual style – go floral or crystal, pearl or velvet, minimal or extravagant. Take cues from the red carpets – you’ll see many a bow and bobble accessorising celebrity hair.

Baby Bangs

Micro fringes, as they are also known, are not new to the fashion world. In fact, it’s got vintage origins going way back into the 60s with the likes of Audrey Hepburn sporting these short wisps of hair on the forehead. They go with a variety of summer hair cuts, however, it’s best paired with a pixie or a shaggy lob – an iconic 70s revival in hair trends.

Baby bangs suit almost all face shapes, but it’s best to take the expert opinion of a professional hairdresser before you take the plunge – especially, those with heavier hair as these short bangs cannot be tucked behind your ear as the heat rises. Pair them up with the other big 2019 hair trend – a cool scarf or headband – for the complete up-to-date look.

Natural finish

Au Naturale is undoubtedly the easiest hair trend to spot these days – be it in movies, red carpets, or social media. The beach wave with a modern twist is making it work for may celebrities and influencers. Deconstructed waves are perfect for those who stay away from experimentation but are all-in for effortless glamour.

Hairdressers would love to work with the natural movement of your hair – especially when trying to grow out your lob or bob. Wear it with a deep side parting and rub on some serum for that messy-chic blow-out finish.

Fun Colours

It’s the summers – have some fun. Vintage pastels are ruling the trend charts and offer a romantic vibe. Coral hair – the Pantone shade of the year – is also in and so is the love for salt-and-pepper. Ashy violets, bubblegum pink, white sand, blues, and reds are choices too.

If not global, try a dip-dye or balayage of your favourite colour – rose golds and shiny copper tones work well with darker Indian hair. Get experimental and talk it out with your hairdresser to put together a colour plan that will definitely give you a summer makeover to remember.