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Don’t Get these Styles Anymore – #NotTrending

Who doesn’t like to be one step ahead of the rest? Especially, when it comes to fashion, would you rather be a follower or a leader. Even if you love to ‘blend in’ there are some styles that need to be shown the door. Senior members of Team VC tells you what to leave behind in 2019 and start a new year (and a new decade) with a fresh change.

“No matter what you do to your hair, it should look presentable and healthy, right?” asks our Style Director, Deepal Gondaliya. “I would love to help you experiment with minimal yet beautiful colour placements to enhance the shape of your haircut,” he adds. But what’s the one thing that he wishes clients would just let go off when it comes to hair cut, colour and style?

A lot!

It’s true, the Indian market is always unique, especially for hair and beauty. While we have come a long way from salons being branded as outlets of vanity to increased interest in personal grooming and beauty enhancement, we still have miles to go before we step out of our comfort zones. Not that trends fail to catch up with the Indian consumers, but it could be faster to keep up with the global scenario. Take for example the unanimous craze for “layers” as our senior stylist Mrunal Desi points out. It’s like a majority of salon-going women in our country have found solace in this one tried-and-tested style and wouldn’t let go off it.

Well, we have news for you – the new kid on the block is “One-Length” hair and it has already started pushing layers out and away for good. ‘Forward graduation’ can take the hint too, says our top stylist Aniket Jhadav. Soon, these staples of haircut will be a 2010’s thing. And rightly so.

Here are some more suggestions for styling ideas that you can let go of in this decade – as recommended by Deepal.

  • Thinking that long hair is beautiful. Spoiler Alert: Not on everyone and especially, if you have damaged hair that does nothing to your overall personal style. Beauty is in hair health, not length.
  • Burgundy is not the only colour that works on all types of Indian skin tones. Ask your stylist for recommendations on other colours that can truly elevate your look.
  • There’s nothing called ‘In-turn’ or ‘Out-turn’ in technical terms. Hair can be styled according to texture, i.e movement. And the movement of hair cannot be fixed.