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5 Upgrades to a Sustainable Salon Experience

The best salons around the world have one goal they share with each other – “Offer the best service possible to your clients’. To achieve this goal, it is important to keep upgrading a salon’s facilities and its staff’s capabilities to meet the evolving standards in the business. 

Vipul Chudasama Salon is at the forefront of bringing innovative ideas and impactful changes to the salon industry in India – and now, we are proud to present our freshly revamped ‘green salon’ space that combines the luxuries of world-class services with the goodness of sustainable practices. 

Sustainability is more than being eco-friendly and hence, we have taken careful consideration of every aspect in the salon experience we offer to implement the green-salon concept with maximum effect. Not only do these upgraded measures benefit us in running the business better, but offer you an elevated experience with the satisfaction of contributing to the global ‘save our planet’ efforts. 

Here are 5 upgrades you will enjoy at the re-designed Vipul Chudasama Salon that promises to uphold sustainability and spread the message of sustainable salon experiences.

Lights On

Vipul Chudasama Salon has switched to energy-efficient LED lamps that not only provide brilliant lighting to the new salon design but also saves electricity. The benefits of LED lighting is familiar to almost everyone with many household adopting it as their lighting solution. As your trusted salon service provider, we are also committed to joining you on this endeavour to reduce energy usage and contribute to eco-friendly awareness. 

Save Water

A salon can’t do without water and traditional salon practices have little thought to give on matters such as wastage or recycling. One of the main areas that utilize the bulk of a salon’s water consumption is the hair wash units. At Vipul Chudasama Salon, we have hand-picked faucets by Maletti for our wash units. These specially designed faucets provide 30-40% extra air pressure which significantly reduces water usage and at the same time, provide more coverage. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Keeping up with sustainability requires commitment from all quarters of salon experience – especially, the staff. Once you have the people on board, it isn’t hard to adopt processes, tools, and techniques that are conscious of environmental effects. Vipul Chudasama Salon employees – from the top hairdressers and artists to support staff – are trained to be aware of and to practice the motto of ‘Reduce, reuse, and recycle.’ Even simple changes such as turning off the taps while shampooing, reducing foil usage while colouring, or using alternative techniques that avoid wastage can contribute to the sustainable cause. 

Responsible Design

Our commitment to the sustainable salon concept encompasses the entire salon space – including the space design and material used to finish the minimalistic and elegant ambience. With clean spaces that allow maximum light, airflow, and de-cluttering, the salon space incorporates natural wooden structures and elements that give the new Vipul Chudasama Salon its relaxed and authentic vibe. The predominantly white interiors, fixtures, and decor are also a part of the clean design concept that suits a modern green salon. 

Natural Styling

Finally, we welcome you – our beloved clients – to join in on our sustainable salon mission by choosing natural styling techniques that reduce the need for heat and dryer usage. We proudly take the opportunity to spread awareness and discuss the impacts of eco-friendly salon practices with our patrons who enthusiastically support us in our green salon mission. Effortless styling is certainly high on trends as well as on-demand.