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All courses commence on Monday or Friday and at 10:00 am at all days unless otherwise stated.
Course hours/date/month can change depending on the instructions from the Hair Education Manager.
A strict 90% attendance is mandatory for all Beginner’s Hairdressing Program.
In case of any absenteeism, the curriculum will not be covered unless the schedule permits and the trainers are available
Students who are provided with the hairdressing kit, will have to take personal care of it till the completion of the course and no replacement by the Hair
Education is possible in case it is damaged or misplaced by the students.
Any student exceeding the quota for absenteeism, without a suitable reason and proof of it, will be asked to leave the course.
All courses are taught in English.
VC Hair Education will provide non-professional models whenever possible.
During the event of model shortages, the Hair Educator will conduct other educational activities as seen fit. Students are informed and requested that they can bring in their own models if they wish or if it is mandatory to bring models by the students as per the course policy.
The Vipul Chudasama Hair Education does not guarantee any job placement on completion of the Hair Education course, however, the student does have the right to approach the salon they intern in, to avail a job opportunity.
The cleanliness of the Vipul Chudasama Hair Education is of the highest priority and all students are expected to follow suit with cleanliness measures and clean their own workstations as per guidelines set by the Educator.
The Photoshoot is a venture to provide students with a valuable learning experience and the student’s participation in the shoot is purely at the discretion of the Hair Education staff and management based on student performance.
Student’s satisfaction is extremely important to Vipul Chudasama Hair Education. Students who have complaints and/or grievances may approach the Hair Education staff to have these matters attended. The matter will be attended to and after the circumstances and facts are ascertained, the Educator/Hair Education Manager will offer the student necessary feedback or offer a solution.
Vipul Chudasama Hair Education diploma requires an average of students practical and theoretical capability in the range of 70-80%. Any issues faced by participants by their practical, theoretical, attendance or their conduct in the Hair Education/ salon can be used with a prior warning to hold back the certificate. Vipul Chudasama Hair Education’s certificate is a countrywide accepted diploma which requires an of discipline to achieve.
Vipul Chudasama will process any refund requests made by the student in-case of any personal circumstances after a review by the Hair Education Manager, The Head Education or Director. In the event of a student failing to attend the confirmed course for any reason, a refund can be processed after 45 day processing period.
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