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All You Should Know Before Bleaching your Hair

Love that bubblegum pink locks you saw on Instagram or thinking about going platinum like your favourite celeb? Bleaching your hair seems to be on the cards – but before you do, here are some things to consider:

Summer’s here and you might be looking forward to a fun and flirty hair makeover. Neons, ashy blondes, golden waves, and bright pops are all back on the trend. But choosing a high-lift colour is a big move and you should give it considerable thought.

Pick a Shade: For the warmer Indian skin tone, golden hues are the best match. You could also lean towards ashy purples, pastels, or platinum and choose from a range of popular techniques like colour melting, ombre, lights, or balayage. So, get your references ready but seek help from a hair professional to choose the right shade and technique for the best results.

Take Your Time: Don’t think you can go platinum blonde overnight, as many celebs might have you believe. Based on your natural hair colour, desired hair colour, hair type, condition and sensitivity, the hairdresser would recommend a transition plan in the best interests of your hair health. Breaking up the makeover into multiple sessions can also distribute the costs.

Bust the Myths: Bleaching hair comes with a damage warning and as we have already clarified in the case of hair colouring – no need to fear the chemicals unless you plan on bleaching your hair at home. Even though the process of bleaching hair has remained consistent over the years, now there are better products and well-equipped salon practices to ensure better safety. Strengthening and protecting treatments such as L’Oréal Professionnel Smartbond take good care of your bleached hair. Even glossing products come with no ammonia, low peroxide, and a protein base to condition your hair from chemical stress.

Give it some TLC: Bleached hair can be high-maintenance – from your regular shampoo and conditioner to hydrating products and leave-ins, you will need an arsenal of products to keep your lightened hair in top shape. This is because your hair is stripped down to its highest hue – yellow – and then coloured over with the neons and pastels, which weaken the hair bonds. Make sure you do not wash your hair immediately before bleaching it – you’ll need the natural oils to protect your scalp. After bleaching, use cold water and gentle care for at least two weeks. Regular salon visits and proper home care is vital to building your hair’s resilience to damage.

Leave room for change: Bleached hair is quite porous and can absorb colours unevenly, holding them for longer than expected. However, you might notice that pastel colours wash out quickly – but that doesn’t mean your hair will return to its original shade right away. The stress from bleaching could also change your hair texture; natural curls might straighten up at the ends and straight hair might become thicker as the hair cuticles roughen up, adding more volume. Also, expect dryness – which you can, of course, tame with nourishing and hydrating products.

Most importantly, listen to your hairdresser and take informed steps in maintaining the health of your bleached hair. When you want to change over, be patient and let your stylist revive your original hair colour gradually, using the right techniques.