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Hair Trends for a Stylish Fall/Winter 2019

It’s the best time of the year and the festivities are here – how about a hair makeover? Before you drop in at the salon, here are a few hair trends that we would love you to try for a wholesome style upgrade.


Fall in line – quite literally – with the world’s new obsession for one length haircuts. From choppy lobs to blunt bobs, the global haircut trend right now is pretty straightforward and is expected to continue on in the new year as well. While the one-length hair trend has pretty much won over global fashion, Indian women might still be hesitant to leave the comfort of their familiar mid-length layers. Long-layers can still be worked out for those who take their hair length seriously and need some movement to add on the glam. However, layers are getting a bit too old-fashioned and one-lengths – when done right can – can bring out the chic factor even on long hair.

Hairdressers will have to be sticklers for precision with a steady hand when it comes to acing this trend. The tool could vary as per convenience – trimmer or scissors; the focus is to be set on achieving clean shapes and balance. The one-length is one of the most challenging haircuts, as there is no room for error – you cannot compromise with even one millimetre as it could skew the balance. Every section has to be cross-checked for the precise finish required and thus, it is vital that you trust the skills of thorough hair professional and not risk it at an unequipped salon.


Balayage continues to rule the roost, but with an exciting twist that is perfect for the festive season. Bronzing! – you might be familiar with the term in makeup; it is now time to add it to your hair colour vocabulary too. Though it has both cool and warm variants in shades, the cool shades of bronze are in vogue currently and goes well with your one-length hair cuts. Rose gold is another top-runner for popularity votes, while 2019 favourites like caramel, mocha, and burgundy are still in play.

It takes a few weeks to learn hair colouring, but a lifetime to master it. An experienced hairdresser would play around with variations of the same hue to get the perfect results. Experimenting is part of the process and helps come up with a look that truly compliments the client’s skin tone, lifestyle, personal style, and preferences. Make sure you trust a hair colourist who will consider the right placement, light reflection, and overall look during the consultations.


Be it that blunt bob in rose gold or a bronzed lob grazing your shoulder, the styling rules for 2019 has been quite simple – just keep it simple! With ‘back to natural’ trending in almost every corner of the fashion world this year, soft waves are the go-to for glam hair even in this festive season. Just use one or two products, air-dry, and let your hair have some fun – ask your hairdresser for quirky ways to quickly style-up your hair as per its length and cut. And remember, the prim and proper set-look – that’s so yesterday