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Trending Hair Accessories & How to Wear Them

Hair accessories have long held a special role in elaborate hairstyling – especially, for celebrations and special occasions like weddings. Everyday styling isn’t stranger to hair accessories either – from a simple bobby pin or hair clip to bows and barrettes, there are numerous varieties to choose from, for practical as well as styling purposes. 

Take a look at some of this year’s biggest trends in hair accessories – including those that have ruled the ramps and red carpets as well as those that continue their popular run in mainstream fashion. 

Back to the 90s

The 90s were fun – we were right at the doorstep of a new millennium and there was an overall vibrance in fashion and style. For most of us, the thought of the decade brings back memories of happy school days and all the quirky styles that go with the vibe. Take for example the humble scrunchie or butterfly clips – such cool inventions and so practical too. While the versatile butterfly clips never really left our hair accessory bags, the scrunchie was a bit out of action – but not anymore! The fabric-cover hairbands are back with a bang and they are brighter than before – get ready to sport a variety of prints, colours, and even fabrics that make up the revived collection of scrunchies. Needless to say, they are the ultimate style statement for an everyday ponytail or top bun. 

Luxe Fashion

Along with all the fun and colour doing so well in the fashion world right now, bling has found itself some fans too – especially, celebrities on the red carpet and designers’ models on the runways. It’s being said that the luxe trend began with a $400 Gucci hairclip grabbing everyone’s eyeballs and then there was a flood of bedazzled word barrettes and glittering bobby pins that style influencers lapped up in no time. Even the classic french girl chic looks embraced jewelled hairpins and pearl-studded bobby pins for their minimalist ponytails and sleek braids. This is a trend that will surely please those who stay away from bling as it is just “too much” to handle – no need to think twice before studding your festive hairbands with an on-trend pearl hairpin or a studded clip. 

Festive & Bridals

With the winter/festive season right around the corner, Indian women are already on a mission to find those perfect hair accessories to complement their much-awaited desi-diva looks. Be it a big fat Indian wedding or Diwali celebrations, the traditional hair bun and the modern favourite messy side-braids will be popular this year as well. Brides can look out for bun-chains or chained earrings; another sure shot trend gaining fans is the Rakodi – the traditional hairpins mostly worn by south Indian brides. For the bridesmaids and fairytale princesses, tiaras, flower wreaths, and floral pins are always the best option.