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5 Myths to Bust About Makeup

Beauty is surrounded by myths – from grandma’s home remedies to new age makeup maniacs on the internet, there’s a lot of information to filter through. We have rounded up some of the most popular makeup myths that deserve to be busted right away. So here goes —

Myth 1/ Makeup can harm your skin

There are more chances of myths like these harming your looks than makeup harming you skin. The beauty industry has come a long way and the standards set for cosmetic products are higher than ever. Brands, big and small, are competing with each other to introduce the best ingredients in their unique products. Everything, including the chemicals used, undergo strict quality checks before they reach anywhere near your skin. Infact, there are makeup products available in the market and at salons that come with added skin benefits. Some experts even claim that makeup can actually protect your skin from pollution.

Myth 2/ Expensive brands work better

This is a classic myth not necessarily restricted to makeup – years of clever marketing strategies by top makeup brands and lack of awareness has built up this misunderstanding. The truth is there are good and bad cosmetics in all price ranges – how well they work depend on your skin type and other unique needs. In fact, the ingredients themselves do not vary greatly between expensive products and their cheaper alternatives. It is often the brand value, popularity, and exclusivity that determines the price. Just because a celebrity endorses it, doesn’t mean the product works well on your skin as well. Take the help of an expert or experiment with different brands to determine the best products for you.

Myth 3/ Organic or Au Naturale Products are the safest

Organic, herbal, and natural ingredients are of course a safe bet – but you cannot blindly trust a new product with these tags. Especially, if you have had an adverse reaction to makeup in the past. In that case, it is always best to consult a medical practitioner to determine whether you have any allergies and keep an eye on the ingredients in every product you apply. All so check for quality marks and reviews, before spending your money on a new brand of makeup products.

Myth 4/ Foundation is a must to complete the makeup

If you have flawless skin that is well taken care of, it is better to skip the foundation. Why cake on a layer of makeup to hide your healthy glowing skin that you are confident in? It might actually even look overdone. If you still want some coverage, try a tinted moisturizer or a BB / CC Cream to give your skin a sheer boost. You can try this natural look even for big celebrations like wedding – just let your MUA know and any experienced makeup professional will find ways to enhance your look without a foundation.

Myth 5/ There are certain rules for makeup that must not be broken

Makeup is at its core an art – the art of enhancing your natural beauty. You can always learn the basics of makeup, but mastering it depends on your talent and innovative mind. Rules such as ‘shimmer is not for women above a certain age’, ‘the smokey eye is only for the evening’, or ‘even applying concealer before foundation’ are best ignored than followed. The best of the best MUA’s make their own rules and are flexible enough to break them as per the situation. So, dream up your best look and let our makeup experts know what you are expecting – we’ll do our best to do better than your imagination.

The myths continue as makeup continues to evolve over time. However, the best way to keep facts away from fiction is to stay aware. Instead of blindly believing everything you read and hear – spend a little time on your own research or clear your doubts with an expert. Most importantly, just take care of the products you buy – several cheap knock-offs of reputed brands are also being sold on the streets as well as in online marketplaces like Amazon. And always remember to remove your makeup with warm water and moisturise your skin before bed.