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Quarantine Care for your Skin and Hair

The COVID19 lockdown has left us with no choice but to stay home and help stop the spread. Apart from the routine workday and socializing, you have got to be missing your regular salon visits – especially when the roots start to show or the nail extension break off. Worry not and stay put – here are a few tips that will help you hang on till a salon professional can come to your rescue.

Staying home has its perks and it is the right thing to do in this unprecedented situation. However, an extended lockdown period will surely have an impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. The key to staying healthy and happy is to find an opportunity in this adversity. So, what if you are at home all day — doesn’t mean you needn’t take care of yourself. Remember, looking good is the way to feeling good. 

Revive your Skincare

As you are no longer rushing out the door in the morning and coming back home ready to jump into bed, this is the ideal time to fix up your skincare routine. 

  • Research, ask an expert and choose products as per your skin type and needs.
  • You can always use homemade face packs, scrubs, serums etc from ingredients easily available in your kitchen
  • Stick to your skincare routine in the morning and evening, so that it becomes a habit before the lockdown is over
  • Remember to apply sunscreen – even though you are staying indoors, SPF is vital to your skin health.
  • This is also the right time to try out peels and other skin treatments that require you to stay indoors.
  • Eyebrows and upper lips might be begging for a salon visit, but please fight the urge to take care of it yourself. If you must, simply trim the brows with small scissors – but do not attempt to shape it. 

Leave your Hair Alone

Split-ends, fading colour, roots, frizz… the situation could get really hairy! But keep those kitchen scissors away from your hair. Put it up in a bun, hide it under a hat, wrapt it with a scarf – just don’t try to fix it yourself.  

As you stay home, shampoo your hair less often – this will not only stop it from drying out but also help retain hair colour for longer. Use dry shampoo, if you must and remember to nourish your hair with oils/packs. 

When this is all over, we’ll need you as much as you’ll need us. So, support your salon, leave it to the pros, and stay safe at home.