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5 Myths to Bust About Facials

Facials are one of the most basic beauty routines anyone could commit to. Although facials have been around forever and you can get one done at any good salon with trained aestheticians – several myths surround these treatments that make many people hesitate. Another major concern is that facials could be expensive – but what we ignore is the fact that there are a variety of treatments available at various price points depending on factors such as the products used. Let’s help you bust some more popular myths about facials:

Myth 1/ Facials don’t really work

Facials are not miracle cures for all your skin problems; they are preventive and up to an extent corrective treatments to keep your skin healthy. It’s not fair to expect groundbreaking results from your very first facial either – regular salon sessions with a trained aesthetician is the only way to guaranteed results. Depending on what the facial is for, the results could be visible or not in varying degrees. It is important that you let the beauty professional know about your skin problems so that they can suggest the appropriate facial treatment for optimal results. Picking a reputable salon with experienced staff is also important in getting the best treatments available

Myth 2/ Facials hurt and leave your face sore

If you believe this to be true, we can’t help but wonder what substandard treatment you have subjected your skin to. When you get your facial done by a trained professional at any reputed salon, you needn’t worry about pain at all. The very goal of salons is to give their clients a pleasant and relaxing experience – and your aesthetician will certainly make sure you are comfortable throughout the treatment. Extractions may not be your favourite part, but when handled by experienced staff can cause little to no pain. As for massages, you can always ask the therapist to ease the pressure.

Myth 3/ You can do it yourself at home for cheaper

Searching “DIY Facials” on Google will return countless ideas and suggestions – but these home remedies have their limitations. Reading up on the benefits of various ingredients and putting them on your face is most likely to be futile. Besides, without the right knowledge it could even lead to skin irritations and cause further problems. Visiting a professional aesthetician on the other hand has many advantages – one, it is a relaxing experience you can treat yourself to and two, an aesthetician or therapist is trained to identify your skin type, the different issues affecting its health, and suggest appropriate treatments and techniques to prevent or correct them. Think of it as a worthy investment for ever-lasting health of your skin.

Myth 4/ Getting a facial done every once in a while is enough

Your skin cannot be miraculously transformed through a facial, however, it can be trained to respond and heal with the help of appropriate treatments and products. Getting a regular facial done becomes even more important after 25 years of age. This is when the collagen production in your skin start to reduce – you skin is no longer capable of keeping itself supple and smooth, all by itself. Regular facials can boost this natural repairing process and also add a few benefits to retain the smooth and soft texture. Make sure you sit down for a facial every month, especially if you have overly oily, dry or sensitive skin with acne, pigmentation and other pesky issues. If you have clear skin that responds well to your daily skincare routine, the gap between the salon visits could be increased.

Myth 5/ Facials lead to breakouts

We often come across these stories of irritated skin and inflammation leading to pimples, right after a facial. This is most likely due to wrong products or an under-trained aesthetician. An experienced aesthetician knows how to analyse your skin type and specific issue to suggest the right products that will help clear them. They will also know the right techniques for extracting a blackhead/whitehead. Forcefully, cleaning out a blackhead can only create more problems than solve it. So, make sure you book your appointment at a tried-and-tested salon with experienced skin specialist.