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5 Myths to Bust About Nail Extensions

Who doesn’t love a good manicure? Polished clean nails are certainly a sign of good personal care. But what if your natural nails aren’t as long, as smooth, or as rounded as you would like them to be? Nail extensions would be the first quick fix that comes to mind. However, there are a number questions surrounding this popular manicure procedure that could easily put you off. In realty, most of them arise out of malicious myths that hide the truth. It’s time we busted some of these myths surrounding nail extensions and help you get some fabulous nails without any worries.

Myth 1: You natural nails could be damaged

Think of nail extensions as fashion accessories. Much like any other fashion accessory – fake lashes or hair extensions – these are designed to enhance your beauty and when applied right by a trained professional, cannot have any adverse effects on your natural nail bed. So, simply choose a nail salon that does not compromise on hygiene and safety. It is also recommended that you make a nail appointment to get your acrylic or gel nails removed as well. Doing it at home on your own can risk damage.

Myth 2: Nail extensions cost a bomb!

If they did cost a bomb, how do think nail extensions are so popular? Of course, they are convenient – they are also versatile and durable in comparison to other manicure options. Ideally, you should see your nail technician every two weeks to fill or replace your acrylic or UV gel nails – but that is only if you wear them continuously. And these weekly appointments needn’t empty your pockets – it just depends on the nail art, style etc that you ask for. For special occasions, you can splurge a little and even get custom designs done.

Myth 3: Acrylic and glue could cause infections

Of course, acrylic and UV Gels contain chemicals – but these do not interfere with your natural nails when applied by trained nail technicians in a clean and hygienic space. Always keep an eye out for a messy nail counter and dirty tools – the infections you hear off are caused by careless nail technicians and hygienic nail salons.

Myth 4: Nails need to breath

Nails are made of Keratin and get their nourishment from your bloodstream – after all, they are not alive or do have a filter to absorb vital nutrients directly from the air. In a nutshell, this is the most absurd nail extension myth you could come across. Permanently using nail extensions has no negative effects on your nail bed. However, nail technicians are trained to proceed with artificial nails only on healthy nail beds. If your natural nail has any injury, infection, or serious damage – it’s better to see a doctor first.

Myth 5: Nail oils and hand creams can cause loosen and lift artificial nails

Nothing can interfere with a properly attached nail extension – not oils and creams, nor any medication. Both the glue for acrylic and the UV gels form a tight seal on your nail bed – nothing gets through this, unless the manicure has not been upto the mark. Infact, nail oils could actually be helpful in improving the flexibility and durability of your nail extensions.