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5 Myths to Bust About Hair Colouring

Hair colouring can not only give you a stylish makeover but also add volume, texture, and shine to your natural tresses. However, it is as much a science as an art and professional help is absolutely important to get the best out of hair colours. Meanwhile, there are my myths that still surround colour treatments. Let’s help you bust these so that you can enjoy coloured hair without any worries.

Myth1 – Hair Colouring can cause premature greying

Don’t blame your hair colour for that grey hair you just spotted. Premature greying can be linked to multiple causes – hereditary, stress, smoking, diet, medication and so on. Grey hair originates in the hair follicles which are never exposed to hair colours. So, instead of keeping off that hairdressers appointment, seek a doctor’s help to figure out the reason for your grey hairs.

Myth2 – Hair colouring can leave your hair dry and damaged

Because of the chemicals? Yes, we are all aware of that – but at a professional hair salon, the colourist will use only the best products in the right quantities to benefit your hair rather than damage it. Aftercare treatments – in-salon and at-home – are extremely vital to keep hair moisturised and to retain the colour for longer. Make sure you consult your hair professional and choose suitable shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in products to protect and nourish your coloured hair. You can also opt for a salon treatment like L’Oréal Professionnel Powermix to keep your hair colour lasting long. In short, hair colouring will not damage your hair, but improper care would.  

Myth3 – The hair colour fades away quickly

On average, a good hair colour lasts up to 4-8 weeks – the faded shade you see after that is technically called the undercoat. That is not the colour pigment you opted for and can make your hair look dull and lifeless – hence, the blame is put on hair colouring not lasting long enough. The rate of fading also depends on the colour you have used. Yellow is the highest shade achievable on your hair and hence, blonde hair colour lasts longer than a gentle colour like blue or red. Vipul recommends a maximum of only 2-3 colour makeovers in a year; that is a change in your hair colour every four months. In between, it is best to maintain your hair colour with regular root touchups, trims that keep the style sharp, and treatments that boost the colour and health of your hair.

Myth4 – Do not oil your hair right after hair colouring

Oiling your hair has no effect on your hair colour, no matter how recent the application was. However, the harsh shampoos and conditioners you might use to wash off the oil can strip off the colour. Hence, it is advised to keep off any strong hair treatments or hair spas for at least for three days after the hair colouring session. It is best to shampoo your hair only 2-3 times in a week – excessive washing can not only be bad for the colour, but for the hair itself.

Myth5 – It’s difficult to get your natural hair colour back

With the right professional approach, it is not impossible to return to your original hair colour. To avoid any disasters, it is highly recommended to seek professional help. Visit the salon and let a hair colourist analyse your hair to suggest the right course of actions. Be sure to tell them what you exactly want and what you have tried before – including an over-the-counter hair colouring products used.