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3 Must-Dos in Monsoon Skincare

Time to beat the infections, dull skin, and acne attacks with the perfect monsoon skincare routine! It is impossible to keep up with your regular skincare plan during this season as monsoons have a way of wreaking havoc on even healthy skin.

Here are three steps you cannot miss in your monsoon skincare routine.

Keep the Dirt Out: Monsoons amp up the amount of dirt and grime your skin can be subjected to – even when staying indoors, the damp air and humidity can interfere with the perfect health of your skin, especially on your face. Cleanse your face with a mild gel-based facewash at least 2 – 3 times a day; this is extremely important if you have oily skin. Exfoliate your skin regularly with natural body scrubs like oats/coffee grounds and honey. Use a face scrub with microbeads to effectively remove impurities without damaging your skin. You can also use a charcoal peel mask to remove dirt from the pores; use a clay mask on oily skin 2 – 3 times a week to suck out excess sebum. Taking steam with essential oils also helps clean out the pores at home. At the salon, get a professional clean-up and facial as per your skin’s needs, at least once or twice a month. 

Keep the Glow In: Dull skin is the other big concern during the monsoon season, along with infections and acne. The humidity in the air can aggravate sebum production and thus, cause breakouts and oiliness in otherwise normal-dry skin. Cleansing alone cannot protect you from these monsoon skin woes. Use an alcohol-free toner to maintain skin’s PH balance, after washing your face. This will also ensure a healthy glow. If you have acne, make sure to include products with salicylic/glycolic acid and tea tree oil. Use a light-weight moisturizer to hydrate your skin – take care of your hands and feet as well, and not just your face. Oily skin can benefit from natural aloe vera gel with essential oils in it, instead of cream-based moisturisers. 

Nourish & Protect: Your skin needs a hand to keep healthy during this weather and that involves protection as well as nourishment. Cloudy skies aren’t an excuse to leave off the sunscreen – shop for a water-resistant product that is preferably gel-based as they do not clog pores or get slick as cream-based ones. Also, keep makeup to a minimum – you could ditch the heavy foundations for a BB/CC cream and just swipe on some eyeliner plus lip tint. At the end of the day, use a serum instead of night creams before going to bed – your skin repairs itself as you sleep and the right product can do wonders overnight. This is also the season to de-tan after the long summer days – strike a balance between your DIY home remedies and de-tanning treatments at the salon. Finally, keep a check on your diet as health comes from inside – get enough protein on your plate as well as fresh fruits and vegetables, especially the green leafy ones.