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4 Bridal Hair Hacks you should Know

Planning for the biggest day of your life? It always helps to know a bit about bridal hairstyling as you step into your wedding fineries. The help of a professional hairstylist will always help you get that picture-perfect look, but the following tips  would certainly help you understand it better.

Hair Colour Options

Cut, colour, and style – these three always go together in making hair great. Be it the bride or the groom, spending some time on choosing the right hair colour for your wedding day is essential. Consult your hairdresser at the salon for an in-depth analysis and expert opinion on hair colours that suit your skin tone and hairstyle. However, if you are looking for a quick and effective solution – Bronds (Brown + Blonde) hues are not only trending but guarantees healthy looking hair that matches Indian skin tones.

Get Healthy Hair

With regular salon visits and a good home care routine, anyone can maintain healthy hair and scalp. However, when it comes to a special day like your wedding, a little extra care is highly recommended. The first step is to identify what your hair needs – is it dry or oily, damaged or thin? With the help of a salon professional choose an appropriate hair treatment to minimise these issues before styling your hair for the big day. Vipul Chudasama recommends L’Oréal Professionnel Profibre or PowerMix Absolut repair for controlling dryness, while a Hair spa can help control most scalp and hair concerns and leave you relaxed.

Grooming the Groom

Pompadours will always remain a favourite – wedding or no wedding. However, as it is a special day for the groom, a bit more care to the hairstyle can’t hurt. Plan well in advance and make sure your hair is at its best health before styling. For a winter wedding, medium length hair is perfect. Vipul suggests classic styles like a round graduation with a pompadour for the striking bridegroom look.

Self Styling Tips

For a grand occasion such as your wedding, the services of a professional hair and makeup artist is highly vital. In case you have decided to get dressed on your own – maybe for one of the pre-wedding ceremonies – you should be aware of a few hacks that deliver the salon-perfect look. Healthy hair and a good talk with your hair stylist should help – however, last minute emergencies might occur. If you encounter the frizz at the last moment, try blow-drying over ironing to keep your hair looking natural and in-control.