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Modern Bridal Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Bridal trends have come a long way – from big round bindis to the micro bindis that celebrities so adore or the bejeweled long braids to fishtails decked in pastel petals. As we transition into the new year, the wedding season is still going strong and it is only fair that we have a look at the big bridal trends for 2019.

The big fat Indian wedding is a celebration like no other. Every tiny detail has a huge role to play as the festivities come together. In the grand scheme of things, the bridal hair and makeup enjoy a priority position that cannot be messed with. No bride would want an amateur attempt at her bridal look – this is a job for the professionals and experienced ones at that. At Vipul Chudasama Salons, our resident makeup star, Pooja Chudasama and her team leave no stone unturned when it comes to making our clients’ dreams come true. Here are some of the biggest bridal trends of 2019, that we are looking forward to pampering our brides with:


Eye makeup is a vital step to creating the best bridal looks because they express the true happiness of a bride on her special day. Now, we know brides come in all types – some love the minimal no-makeup finishes, while others dream of red-carpet looks for their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Well, 2019 bridal trends have got something for everyone.

For those who prefer the sultry smokey look, metallic shimmer eyeshadows are big on the trend charts. Rose gold, plum or ever iridescent silvers are a great addition to elaborate bridal makeup plans. For those who want to tone down the drama a bit, smudged eyeliners work well towards understated glam. And don’t think we have only black liners in mind – colors are very much in the game.


There are the princess brides in pastels and then the queens of luxuriant styles – no matter which one you are, the bridal pout matters. You can either go nude and natural in pinks and peaches, with just a bit of gloss for that sparkling look or you can play with the season’s favorite berry colors for a deep rich tint that adds a statement to your bridal style. Matte velvety finish is ideal for the darker shades that give you a sophisticated feel.


Heard of the bridal glow? If you have it naturally (every happy bride should), great! We can just enhance it up for a flawless finish. The sheen is very much in – a well-moisturized look that shows off healthy skin. A bit of highlighter in the right places and you can rock a natural finish without any effort. And if the no-makeup look is not your favorite, satin or matte finish is also a big trend continuing on from last year.


Bridal hair is quite literally a crown you wear on your special day and it is only fair that you have the most skilled hands taking care of your tresses. Entwined hairstyles are the stars of this wedding season – these could be intricate bridal buns weaved to precision by well-trained stylists or simple fish tails and classic French braids that give you the messy glam look. For a sleeker put-together look, the flower-decked traditional bridal buns are much in demand or you could go for a half-updo with a tiara. As for hair accessories, crystal ornaments are good to go – but single statement piece would be more in-trend. If big floral arrangements are not your preference, filler flowers like Baby’s Breath can bring out a dreamy look on braids and buns.

Bridal trends are a great way to start planning your bridal look, but what really makes them unique is your consultations with a makeup artist and hairstylist. Make sure you visit the salon in advance to get an opinion on your skin and hair so that you can prep them for the big day. Our trained bridal specialists can also guide you to chalk out the best look for your big day and get it done too!