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How to Get a Salon-Like Blow-Dry at Home

Blow-Dry at home, it’s no big deal! But, only if you know how to do it right. One wrong move and you can be left with dull hair that would rather sleep in than go out and have a good time. Moreover, the perfect blow-dry is always the perfect start to any hairstyle – be it a slick and smooth pony or an intricate bridal updo.

Sure, you might start slow. However, with a bit of practice and a few expert tips, you can ace the blow-dry at home.

Just follow these five easy steps as shared by the pro, Vipul Chudasama himself:

  1. First, divide your hair into four sections – irrespective of the length and volume. This makes it easier to manage and quicker to dry.
  2. Next, choose your brush. Vipul recommends a round brush to create movement in the hair, while a paddle brush is ideal to style sleek and straight hair.
  3. Once you have picked your brush, take one of the four section of hair and divide it into two.
  4. Now, start blow-drying each sub-section from the roots to the ends – directing your brush and dryer towards your face. Repeat for each section.
  5. Once your hair is dry, take a middle or side parting as per the intended style and finish with a good quality hairspray that suits your hair type for that salon perfect hair.

Now, we’ve got the process covered but keep in mind that the prep matters too. Make sure you keep your hair nourished with products that address specific issues like damage, hair fall, frizz etc. Also, before blow-drying at home or the salon, spray your hair with a good heat protector.
Plus, if you have got the time, maybe air dry your hair and then, use a blow-dryer only to style it. And if time is a luxury, you know we are here at the Vipul Chudasama salons to execute that perfect blow-dry in no time.