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Make the Best of Monsoon Makeup

Does monsoon makeup remind you of dripping eyeliners and smudged foundations? Waterproof makeup is the instant solution – but, you should know how to apply them right too. For everyday styling, minimalism is the codeword for monsoon makeup. However, if there’s a big event you’ve got to dress up for – you should go all out.

These few tips could help you get flawless monsoon makeup that lasts long: 

Prep your Skin: Infections, acne, dullness – monsoon skincare is no cakewalk; it wouldn’t be surprising if you have had to change an entire routine based on unpredictable changes in your skin. You wouldn’t want makeup to put your healthy skin at risk after all that hard work. Cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face with products that deal with your skin’s needs – mild face wash, alcohol-free toner, and light-weight moisturiser – preferably water/gel-based – are recommended for monsoon skincare. Aloe Vera gel with essential oils is the perfect natural moisturizer. Next, make sure your face is completely dry before using primers/serums/facial oils to prepare it for makeup. Using a primer is essential for heavy makeup during the season as it can give you a smoother surface to work on and avoid patchy foundations and concealers. 

Pick your Products: ‘Water-proof’ is the keyword for monsoon makeup, however, you should also keep an eye out for cosmetics that compliment your skin type and needs. Less is more during monsoon – everyday makeup for college or work can be as simple BB/CC cream, a lip stain which can double as a blush, and gel/felt-tip eyeliners with waterproof mascara. For a special occasion that demands a heavier approach, there’s always a professional who knows what to do best. But if it isn’t special enough for a visit to the salon or to hire an MUA, you can start by staying away from cream-based foundations and concealers. A powder foundation and liquid concealers would give you even long-lasting coverage. Matte finishes are desirable and practical for this season – try to avoid gloss, shimmer, and loud colours – pastels and earthy tones are ideal. Creamy blush and eyeshadows are the only exceptions – these give you a healthy glow and that waterproof finish.