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3 Essential Monsoon Hair Care Ideas

It’s comfy and cool, but let’s not forget that hair always has a love-hate relationship with the monsoon season. To not let that dampen your mood, here are some essential tips to keep your hair healthy and gorgeous during the rains. 

Nourish & Protect

The hair can have quite a rough time when it is pouring outside – even indoors, the humidity is always the #1 villain. If you are already battling issues such as dandruff and hair fall, the monsoons could only elevate them – it is time to put in a lot more care to your hair routine now. Frizz hair ends and greasy scalp is another common monsoon hair problem – the solution is to find a balance in your hair care routine to address both issues simultaneously.

It isn’t enough to just hydrate your hair; nourish them too so that it is protected from within. Hot oil massages are always the best – however, if you have oily scalp or dandruff, try some aloe vera gel with lime juice instead. For tackle frizzy hair, a leave-on product is a must – use a serum or something water-based, instead of a cream-based product. And finally, pay a visit to your hairdresser to keep everything in check and catch up on some TLC at the salon.  

Deep Cleanse & Condition

Oily scalp, greasy hair, dandruff – the monsoon season is a perfect host to all of these. The damp and the dirt combine to cause all sort of problems on your scalp – sometimes, even leading to infections. Besides, rainwater itself is slightly acidic due to dissolved CO2 and pollution makes it worse. Even if you weren’t tempted to take a stroll in the drizzle, keeping the monsoon out of your hair is impossible – unless you decide to stay indoors for the entire season. 

It is important to wash off any residue that rainwater may leave your scalp and hair – and with it the dirt and grease too. You can, of course, pick out a shampoo and conditioner to use at home but it recommended that you take the advice of your hairdresser to make sure you’ve got the right products. Settling into a salon chair for a deep cleanse and conditioning would be wonderful to – after all, professionals would know better. 

Cut it Short

If you have been mulling about going short this year, this is the right time to go through with it. Short hair is a boon during monsoons – one, it is easier to manage and style and two, it dries quickly if caught under a surprise rain shower. If you have got really thick or long hair, you might want to consider this option right away. It’s not just the high maintenance we are concerned about, but the humidity can cause infections too – especially when long hair is tied up or as thick hair takes more time to dry, naturally. 

The trends are just right to back you up on going short – for men, the upgraded buzz cut and reigning favourite crop fades are on top of the style charts. While, for the ladies, it is all about natural textures — so, shoulder-grazing beach waves, sleek bob with fringes, or a practical pixie should be in consideration.