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All You Must Know About No-Shave November

Unless you have been living under a rock, No-Shave November is no strange concept. While it might sound like a great excuse to sport a stubble with global approval, the campaign is much more than a mass style statement.

As many of you already know, No-Shave November is essentially an awareness campaign to put the spotlight on cancer prevention, research, and education. While the basic idea is familiar to us, there might be many questions regarding participation – is it okay to trim the beard, how to start, how can women be a part of it, etc. Let’s help you find answers to some of these –

What: “No-Shave November is a month-long journey during which participants forgo shaving and grooming in order to evoke conversation and raise cancer awareness,” informs the official website of the initiative.

Why: Many cancer patients lose hair during the course of treatment and hence, the focus is on embracing hair – beard, moustache, or body hair – by letting it grow freely. The money saved on personal grooming can be donated towards aiding a cancer patient, research and education, or to create awareness.

How: The simplest way to participate is by locking away your grooming tools for a month, educating yourself about the initiative, and passing on the message. And yes, women can take part too, by foregoing your waxing appointments.

But: Letting your beard and moustache grow wild might not be ideal for a formal workplace, or in terms of maintaining general hygiene. And that’s why trimming and styling are absolutely alright

Maintaining your Mane – No-Shave November or not, maintaining your beard and moustache is a daily task. If not cared for properly, facial hair can cause harm to your skin and that’s why it is important to cleanse, moisturize and groom your stubble regularly.

Trapped dirt and sweat can lead to breakouts and infections – use a good cleanser, specially formulated for the male skin, at least twice a day. After washing your face, dry it well and apply beard oil or moisturiser.

Regular trims can help your beard grow longer and also, shape it well – unruly facial hair is not the goal for No-Shave November. You can consult your salon stylist for tips on beard grooming at home as well as the products to use. Vipul Chudasama recommends L’Oreal
Professional beard care products

Whether you plan to keep it or lose it, facial hair requires careful grooming and styling. Do follow your hairdresser’s advice, so that your skin and beard stays healthy and happy.