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3 Pro tips for Party Hairstyling

Roll out the red carpet and set off the fireworks – it’s time to party into a New Year. But before we get up on the dance floor, you all must be sorting out your show-stealing looks for the celebration. While the dress and jewels might take up quite a bit of time deciding, let’s help you with a few expert tips on party hairstyling.

Keep it Tight & Sleek

Not all updos can be expected to be party-perfect. An expert with tells you that the tighter the do, the longer it will last. The braided bun tops the list of long-lasting party hairstyles – and it’s gorgeous too! Entwined styles – up or down – need the right products to hold them together. If you can’t decide, seek the service of a professional hair artist who would know just the right serum and spray for your hair type. Another trick that hairdressers love is spritzing your bobby pins with hairspray. They are literally the glue that holds together your intricate party and bridal hairdos.

Let it loose

Want to keep it simple and show off your hair in beautiful waves or cute curls? Here’s a quick technique as suggested by the hair maestro Vipul Chudasama. For those glamorous beach waves, take big sections of your hair and braid them up tight. Once you have braided all your hair into multiple pigtails, tie them up in a top bun and leave overnight. Open your braids the next day, just before leaving for the event.

Follow the same steps for curly locks, but take smaller sections of hair for a tighter braid. Now, remember to take appropriate parting before braiding your hair for natural overnight curls or waves.

Get Creative

Last-minute hair art emergency? Think out-of-the-box and get creative with your styling ideas. Accessories, for example, can be found easily in your jewellery box. A large earring can double up as statement mangtika or crystal stud can glam up the low-bun. If floral is on your mind and you forgot the flowers, find the nearest vase or a bouquet – it’s a party, you’ll find one for sure. If no flower on the bouquet looks like it belongs on your hair, go for the fillers like Baby’s Breath or Catmint.